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Tyler, TX picks IQM2 for Meeting Management Video Streaming

October 6, 2009
October 1, 2009 by Erin Kennedy
IQM2 Sales & Marketing

New York, NY Oct. 1 2009-IQM2 announced today that the City of Tyler, TX has successfully partnered with IQM2, Inc. to manage their public meeting electronic communication. The first phase, IQM2’s turnkey MediaTraq streaming software to video stream, tracks and delivers their public meetings to their citizens is already up and running. The City of Tyler will then have an easy future path to add MinuteTraq and E –Board Room modules to further streamline their Meeting Management Process.

“We decided to partner with IQM2 due to their complete and sole focus on the Entire Meeting Process; all other solutions required multiple vendors, with varied and segmented areas of expertise,” said Benny Yazdanpanahi, Tyler Chief Information Officer. “IQM2 truly understands our needs. They listened to not only our immediate requirements, but understood and could anticipate our future needs as well. Their flexibility to adapt their solution to meet our unique environment made this a very easy decision. In fact, IQM2 presented the only option that was a true investment with a quantifiable Return On Investment (ROI). Other options presented were, in reality, only an additional expense we would have to incur.”

“IQM2’s smart business model of focusing on the real business drivers and processes behind the meetings will result in significant time and cost,” added Yazdanpanahi. “In today’s tough economic times, implementing efficiency and cost savings technology is critical. The fact that IQM2 is the only vendor who can offer an entire suite of solutions as an integrated package meant we also reduced the number of vendors and complex support agreements and upgrade headaches. The end result was that we not only invested in IQM2, IQM2 invested in the City of Tyler of with the same level of commitment.”

“We could not think of a better organization to work with. They are pioneering the meeting management system market and we are delighted to begin the relationship,” Yazdanpanahi added. “Right now our needs are streaming but they have the best end to end meeting management system in the industry. Our investment in IQM2 allows the City of Tyler to do more with less while providing new services to our citizens and furthering community involvement.”

“The City of Tyler, TX is a sophisticated municipality that is constantly striving to enhance the services they deliver to their constituents. As result, we are delighted they have placed their trust in us and we look forward to working with them for years to come. Any time a forward thinking organization like Tyler determines that your organization has the best solution on the market it is a wonderful compliment and we thank them for that. We believe strongly in creating efficiency in government and driving value to citizens and are delighted that Tyler, Texas shares our vision,” said Daryl Blowes, IQM2, Inc. CEO.

About IQM2:

IQM2 is a market leader in furnishing end-to-end public meeting management solutions to the public sector nationwide through Meeting Management System applications like MinuteTraq (agenda process improvement), MediaTraq (Live/On-Demand Video Streaming) and E-Voting (electronic voting).

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About IQM2
IQM2 is a market leader in furnishing end-to-end public meeting and Open Government software solutions through their award-winning Open Meeting Management System applications including MinuteTraq (agenda process improvement), MediaTraq (Live/On-Demand Video Streaming) and E-Boardroom (electronic voting).

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