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Video can change the way a government office is run

January 16, 2013

While local governments are always looking for ways to engage their citizens and improve community involvement, no solution does it quite so well as government video streaming. Video has come to dominate the communications industry in consumer, enterprise and educational circles, and it is time for town boards to embrace it as well.

With meeting management software, video communications can allow town administrative offices to hold meetings remotely, with citizens and if necessary, government officials watching and participating from the comfort of their own homes. These tools also improve the ability to accurately record and archive meeting minutes, improving public awareness and the availability of information.

According to studies by Cisco, video traffic and use in general has increased significantly, with large businesses seeing as much as a 70 percent increase in video usage. With more and more individuals and companies thriving on video consumption, local government offices need to keep up with the times and ensure they are implementing the improvements that taxpayers deserve in order to reduce spending and improve transparency.