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Town hall meetings improve public engagement, image for Christie

January 18, 2013

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, recently held his 100th town hall meeting. Among politicians, Christie is particularly known for these meetings, helping his constituents better understand him both as a man and as their state's leader. However, Christie isn't the only one who can benefit from holding and improving town meetings, any local, city or county government can as well.

According to the Asbury Park Press, Christie has used the town hall meeting to bolster his public image, showing himself as accessible and approachable, and well versed on the topics he discusses. Yet it isn't just the fact that he holds the meetings, but how he presents himself at them that makes the difference. John Weingart, a political science professor at Rutgers University, told the news source that Christie uses the town hall meetings to indicate his comfort responding to issues and part of that is behind honest - saying "I don't know" when he doesn't and truly demonstrating that he is in charge of his state.

For any small town, city or county, investing in high quality meeting management services will help accomplish much of the same, improving town hall meetings and citizen engagement while helping to better manage meeting-related budgets and costs.