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Transparency crucial for local government operations

January 21, 2013

More communities are becoming heavily involved in the running of their local governments, be it on the town, county or city level. For many, this means an increased demand in open and transparent government meetings and information, and closer involvement with citizens. As such, some small government offices are finding the need for enhanced meeting management software.

Transparency for citizen engagement is critical for a variety of reasons. According to Government Technology and Tony Cresswell of the Center for Technology in Government (CTG), it is a fundamental part of democracy and will help make government operations more effective. It also helps to increase public trust and helps citizens become an active part of what is going on in their community, rather than passive observers. The latter factor becomes even more important when considering technological advances and the public's ability to get information at lightning paces.

According to the news source, it is also important to consider the information itself when looking to improve transparency. Citizens don't necessarily want every single footnote or scrap of related information. By implementing high-quality meeting agenda management software, officials can ensure that the community is receiving relevant, up-to-date information without extra frills, and encourage public interest overall.