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Paperless meetings improve efficiency, are more environmentally friendly

January 25, 2013

While many organizations that look to implement paperless meetings and data management solutions do so for cost and productivity reasons, there is an equally important one in environmental awareness. Some town, county and city governments have found that investing in these services to improve meeting management and reduce the amount of paper used overall helps to not only lower budgets, but allows a more environmentally-friendly approach that can enhance community approval as well.

Environmental awareness is becoming a popular topic in both business and public service industries. More companies are investing in solutions to reduce paper consumption in order to enhance public opinion, while government agencies can do so the reduce the costs of printing meeting packets, records for archiving and much more. The average city can go through 75,000 sheets of paper a year, and 200 hours of labor dedicated solely to the printing, preparing and organization of that paperwork. By eliminating that, a council can focus on more important matters and improve the management of meeting information at the same time.