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Going paperless a leading trend for 2013

January 29, 2013

Many municipal organizations have already considered implementing paperless meetings and related solutions, but 2013 could be the year to go forward with those plans. As technology improves, these groups can take advantage of mobile devices, the cloud and internet to ensure ready, easy access to information. From school boards and government offices to large enterprises, the combination of these services and tools provides a cost-effective, high-quality answer to meeting management and the overall improvement of operations.

For school boards and local government offices, implementing solutions to improve meetings has numerous benefits, from reducing the cost of running said meetings to enhancing public involvement and simplifying the spread of information. According to The Missourian, the reduction of paper, labor and delivery costs can help smooth meeting processes by linking agenda items together and ultimately enhancing the ability to update and immediately publish information.

The changes that going paperless will facilitate can have widespread effects across any board or council that adopts such a solution. The main benefit, however, is improving the accessibility and accuracy of data for both public record and future ease of access to that information during meetings.