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Open government further away than expected

January 30, 2013

Open and transparent government initiatives are a major focus of the current administration, and local municipalities are part of the mix. Yet many are struggling to succeed with their strategies, according to FierceGovernmentIT. Watchdog groups have criticized the divide between policy and implementation and the inability to enforce regulations.

For town, city and county offices, however, investing in the right technology to improve open government initiatives may be easier than larger agencies. Tools to improve government meetings, such as agenda management or automated minutes recording, help streamline record keeping and improve the accessibility of information to the public eye. High-quality tools for data management will ensure that open government strategies are more successful.

There are other benefits to investing in the next generation of meeting improvement technologies though. IQM2's intelligent meeting management solutions provide cost savings that help reduce budgets and other services that enhance productivity and efficiency across a variety of operations. With the right investments in meeting minutes management or paperless solutions, a local government can work more efficiently, cut its budget and work to cut wasted time and materials.