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Open government initiatives require more than data

January 31, 2013

An open and transparent government focuses on making data available to the public. However, according to FierceGovernmentIT, these initiatives are about more than data - they require making that data useful. Citizens need to know how to use the information made available to them in order for an open government initiative to be successful for the town, city or county implementing it.

A recent study by the State University of New York - Albany found that government agencies are too often simply increasing the amount of data that they make available to the public, which doesn't raise citizen engagement, it just overwhelms the public. What they need to do is implement transparency and open government solutions that show the public what data is relevant to both their interests and agency operations.

IQM2's intelligent meeting software provides essential tools to accomplish this need by improving the management of meeting and operations information. With agenda management tools, governing body can implement an openness solution that provides data that can actually be used, rather than overwhelming the public with facts, statistics and seemingly irrelevant numbers.