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Running government IT like a startup may have unusual benefits

February 7, 2013

In a discussion about Gov 2.0, Jonathan Feldman of Information Week recently noted that government IT strategies should be run like startups. As most government bodies are simply publishing information online, they lose a major benefit that the internet can provide them - community engagement. By integrating social media and other resources, a local government office can really engage its constituents rather than throwing data at them.

Government offices have traditionally been "slow and cumbersome," according to Feldman. However, by taking a cue from startup businesses and decentralizing operations, many could adapt quickly to the expectations of modern citizens and reduce the cost of operations to improve transparency and open government strategies. Investing in new ideas and technologies isn't so much a risk as it is a wise investment in the future.

One way to embrace the modern age and think like a startup is to invest in improved meeting management software. Intelligent meeting improvement tools can reduce administrative work, leaving time and resources open for more important tasks, and help organize and maintain meeting records more efficiently - another bonus to open government initiatives.