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Take a cue from White House administration and invest in new technology

February 8, 2013

The White House administration is currently searching for innovative technology fellows to bolster its Innovation Fellows program and IT solutions. According to Information Week, the search is focused on recruiting innovative tech experts for high impact, six- to 12-month projects, including disaster recovery, financial systems, cyber-physical solutions and more. Previous fellows worked on open data, MyUSA and RFP-EZ projects.

Technology advances are driving government initiatives from the federal level down to local councils. For towns, cities and counties, investing in technology improvements like agenda management or an electronic voting system can provide a variety of benefits. From reducing administrative costs to speeding up workflow to allow council members to focus on more important tasks, technology enhances overall governing processes and reduces budgets.

Rather than waste time and effort on trying to manage administrative systems manually, local governments should invest in modern technology and the tools to automate meeting management and more. As part of government 2.0 initiatives, local governing bodies can take a page from the federal government's book and invest in the future of digital government.