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Going paperless saves time and effort

February 13, 2013

Government office administration can be hectic work. From trying to establish last minute agenda changes to making records and reports available to the public as quickly as possible, a local government office has to have the right tools on hand to ensure accurate record keeping and speed up the updating of or access to those records.

Open and transparent government efforts often rely on swift records access. Making meeting minutes available to the public does nothing if it takes too long to actually acquire them. However, any municipality can enhance both the quality of its open initiatives and the speed of access by investing in paperless meeting technologies.

According to The Patriot-News, a county in Pennsylvania recently invested in an electronic filing system to enhance its operations and speed up online accessibility of records. This improves regulatory compliance as well as public engagement and trust.

"If you're up against a 30-day notice, you physically have to mail it, or run down to the courthouse to file," Dave Buell, prothontary for the county, told the news source. "[The paperless solution] makes the courthouse a 24-hour operation."

For any government office looking to improve both speed and accessibility of meeting information, paperless solutions from IQM2 can greatly enhance records systems.