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Go paperless to improve agenda management

February 14, 2013

In the enterprise, paperless solutions are a way to reduce costs and save the environment, but for government offices, they can have other benefits. One of the main advantages of investing in paperless meetings is improved agenda management and overall flow of those meetings.

For a local government office, meeting improvement can have a variety of benefits, from increasing community engagement to enhancing transparency and open government efforts. Paperless solutions help streamline those processes and organize information faster for archiving and public access. By investing in agenda management solutions, a town, county or city council eliminates a lot of overhead costs, which allows it to better allocate taxes towards improving the municipality, not running the office.

IQM2 intelligent meeting management software provides the tools and direction a government office needs to go paperless and enact a variety of other improvements that will help reduce spending and improve overall workflow in and out of council meetings. By investing in new technology today, a municipality can save more down the road and turn those savings into improvements for its constituents.