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Massive improvements bring government information to the public eye

February 16, 2013

Open government is currently an important topic. With a wide variety of issues being discussed not only on the federal level, but by state, county, city and town leaders as well, ensuring that the public has every bit of information available and accessible is crucial for maintaining open dialog and public image. This means not only having the technology to easily and efficiently gather and organize data, such as meeting management software, but also having the portal for citizens to access the information. According to Government Technology, the best solution for the latter need is a high-quality website.

Local government offices need to invest in the hardware to store data and make it publicly available. With the widespread availability of internet access and computers, a website is the obvious choice. According to the news source, public satisfaction with the government is up 2.2 percent from 2011, primarily due to online access to government data. However, it is equally import for a business to have tools that enhance information gathering as well, such as meeting minutes software that will automatically collate and organize records before they are made publicly available.