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Mobility drives demand for records access

February 16, 2013

Open and transparent government initiatives may seem important, but do you really understand how essential they are? As technology improves, citizens are looking for faster, easier and cheaper access to government records and information. One of the most important trends driving this demand is the growing use of mobile devices.

According to Governing, mobile technology is empowering citizens by breaking down the barriers between "producers and consumers." For a government office, this means that citizens are looking for instant access to meeting minutes, budget records and other information via their devices. Supporting this demand will be as important as having the data well-organized and available. This means having high-quality meeting management software and the other services necessary to automatically collate data and publish it to a publicly accessible server.

For any state, city or county government, investing in records and agenda management solutions will improve the open accessibility of information and ensure that citizens are seeing the results of those technology advances in budgets, productivity and other Gov 2.0 initiatives.