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Big data can enhance open government efforts

February 16, 2013

Big data can be a troublesome topic for some organizations. Larger volumes of data make it more difficult to store and analyze information and overwhelm handlers. However, according to Forbes, local government offices can benefit from the IT trend significantly.

Open and transparent government initiatives thrive on data, and the more data that can be fed into the system, the happier citizens generally are. According to the news source, citizens are becoming more invested in their town, county and state governments - they want to know how and when their tax money is spent, as well as everything else that occurs during meetings. However, for open government efforts to be effective, the data that is created through council meetings, communication and other operations has to be organized and stored properly. Big data can greatly affect the success of these open government efforts.

"The public seeks transparency not for the sake of transparency, but as a tool to hold their leaders accountable to results," California Forward stated in a recent report. "Conversely, governments may pursue openness as a means to increase efficiency by promoting inclusion and civic participation, which in turn fosters innovation."

In order to really dig into transparency and open government initiatives, local offices need to have the tools on hand that make data easier to manage and faster to upload to publicly accessible platforms. Big data improves public information, but it creates more demand on the systems used by the governing body. IQM2 provides high-quality, intelligent meeting management solutions that speed up the process and ensure that data is always accurate and comprehensive.

Agenda management, meetings recording, electronic voting and more will allow government officials to focus less on data management and more on managing their municipalities. Ultimately, this will make operations more productive and efficient, helping the area grow and put its time and resources to better use. An investment in IQM2's services isn't just another technology expense to keep up with modern trends, its a way to put taxpayers' money to better use and give something back to them that is tangible and relevant. Don't risk public opinion and trust over data - make data enhance the community's engagement and work for you.