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Transparency growing in importance

February 16, 2013

It seems that transparency and open government are growing more important every day. More states are looking for solutions to enhance meeting management and other aspects of operations that will improve the availability of government information to the public.

According to the Alton Daily News, Illinois is joining the long list of states that are investigating transparency. The state house is looking to expand upon a bill that would require more visibility in legislation, meetings and other state government activities. From improving the state's accountability portal on its website to requiring any bill that affects tax, revenue or spending to be subject to a board of review, these steps will improve citizen engagement and satisfaction with operations while enhancing overall work ethic for the state government.

It isn't just the state government that is being affected by these proposals. Local councils, school boards and water districts will all need to report on financial decisions and be more open with any discussions regarding taxes and the state debt.

For any government, state, town or county looking to enhance openness, IQM2 provides high-quality solutions for meeting management that will reduce costs over time and enhance the overall organization and availability of information to the public.