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Meeting webcasting an improvement in transparency

February 20, 2013

Transparency and open government efforts are a top priority for many local councils on the state, town and county level. Government offices are frequently looking for cost-effective ways to enhance the availability of records and other information to the public. For some, the answer lies in video streaming.

Representative Pat Fallon in Texas recently pointed at meeting webcasting in particular as a way to enhance open and transparent government needs, according to The Dallas Morning News. Calling it "low-cost transparency," Fallon noted that webcasting improves meeting management, the availability of the discussed information, and record archiving, as the video itself can be used as meeting minutes. Enhancing meetings with video will require an investment in addition support systems as well though.

For a local government office looking to utilize video webcasting as a citizen engagement and transparency tool, IQM2's intelligent meeting management solutions will help streamline adoption and improve the IT systems the council uses to support video. Ultimately, this will help to ensure the success of video implementation, and help the office reduce its overhead costs in general.