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Learn from other open government mistakes

February 22, 2013

Open and transparent government operations aren't an easy need to address. Many state, county and town governments sometimes struggle to meet the demands of the public when it comes to easy access to records, budget information and more. However, by looking at the struggles of other governments, those looking to adopt transparency solutions can ease their own problems.

According to TechDirt, Germany has recently had some significant problems when implementing open government solutions. The German federal government invested in an open data study in 2012 but failed to deliver on the open solutions laid out in the report. Sebastian Haselbeck, an open government advocate in Germany, noted that some elements in the administration didn't quite understand what "open data" really means. According to Haselbeck, the German government actively worked against community-run efforts to create a freedom of information portal and otherwise ignored initiatives that would provide better access to government data to the public.

While Germany is working to improve its transparency and open government solutions, other local councils can avoid these problems by investing in the right meeting minutes software and other technology to enhance the organization and public availability of information.