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Not everyone supports open government

February 25, 2013

Open and transparent government efforts are becoming more noteworthy as state, county and city offices strive to make information available to the public and increase citizen engagement. Not everyone seems to be a fan though, as some activists and government officials in various areas are fighting open government bills and demanding increased efforts.

According to The Colorado Statesman, the Colorado Open Records Act proposal has caused some activists to claim the bill includes provisions for exorbitant recordkeeping fees, which could eliminate the benefits of transparency and open government efforts in the end.

"It amounts to a poll tax," Marilyn Marks told the news source in regard to the bill. "Are you going to charge people to vote? Are you going to charge people to go to the library and read The Statesman? Are you going to charge a sidewalk fee?"

Open government is about freedom of information, not making money. Local councils can invest in intelligent meeting management software from IQM2 to enhance transparency efforts in a cost-effective way that allows public engagement to pass savings on to the taxpayers.