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Open government shows explosive growth in 2012

February 26, 2013

2012 was a big year for open and transparent government initiatives, and the market now has quantifiable numbers to prove it. IQM2, a provider of high-quality meeting management solutions, showed explosive growth throughout the previous year with a 95 percent increase in sales.

Governments officers are changing the way they operate for the better, and it's IQM2's intelligent meeting solutions that are paving the way. The benefits of enhanced software for operations are apparent they help streamline the flow of information for meetings and public access, reduce costs and enhance transparency. Overall, these solutions help state, county and town councils improve and spend less on IT and operations, allowing for better use of taxpayer's dollars.

"This is a testament to both the wonderful governments and school districts we are privileged to support and the dedicated and professional staff I am proud to work with each day" said IQM2's founder and CEO Daryl Blowes.

Intelligent meeting management software allows local governments to streamline workflow without spending significant portions of their budgets. Ultimately, this will help them reallocate funds to more critical areas and give back to their constituents in meaningful ways.