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New directive makes government research public

February 28, 2013

A new development in open and transparent government directives is forcing agencies to make research funded with taxpayer's money available to the public, for free, within 12 months of publication. Authored by the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), the directive focuses on research with budgets of over $100 million.

According to FCW, the new policy was penned by John Holdren, director of the OSTP. Holden also wrote a recent response to an online petition for free access to journal articles related to tax-funded research, noting the success of public access to research in biomedical science by the National Institutes for Health. The new directive states that the current administration is committed to providing access to any federally funded research "to the greatest extent and with the fewest constraints possible."

These and other transparency and open government initiatives provide the public with access to publicly-funded research and increase knowledge and awareness of the latest innovations and breakthroughs. This is critical for the advancement of medical and scientific research. However, research isn't the only area where transparency is critical. Any budgetary or financial-related information must also be a matter of public knowledge, on every level of government operations. With the right tools to support information management, this can be accomplished easily on both the federal and local level.