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Oklahoma struggles to enforce open and transparent government laws

February 28, 2013

Some constituents are becoming irked at Oklahoma's obvious lack of enforcement of transparency and open government laws. According to the Oklahoman, the state district attorney's office has struggled to prosecute these misdemeanors in the past, but it has recently renewed accountability efforts.

Many citizens have asked what their options for recourse are when records aren't made available to the public. The news source noted that currently, a civilian's only option is to report the indiscretion to the proper authorities, but after that it is out of their hands. It is up to the public officials to improve public access to information, and the district attorneys office must enforce regulations.

State, county and city councils can improve their open government efforts significantly by investing in tools to automate the process. Rather than risk public ridicule or legal action, a solution that streamlines information organization and publishing will ensure that the public has access to any and all information. From meeting agendas to information on officials, the right tools to manage data will enhance both public awareness and satisfaction with government operations.