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Going paperless improves open and transparent government efforts

March 6, 2013

Meetings are the most critical, and most frequent, activity that any city, county or town council participates in. From discussing budgets to considering newly proposed legislation, meetings on various topics can happen once a month, week or even more frequently. And with meetings comes significant amounts of paperwork . Previous meeting minutes, proposals, addendum information and more all have  to be provided to each council member and sometimes special attendees. Many local government offices are looking for ways to reduce their operational costs and improve transparency and open government efforts, and eliminating all of that paperwork is one way to do this.

By implementing paperless meetings, local councils can reduce their monthly spending on the paper, labor costs and related expenses and improve the flow of information to both council members and citizenry. According to the Red Bluff Daily News, Tehama County, California, recently implemented similar efforts to great success.

Partnering with IQM2, the county was able to eliminate meeting packets that could be up to 500 pages long by allowing members to use tablets, laptops and smartphones to access the same information digitally. This will be cheaper in the long run and allow the county seat to facilitate a more efficient flow of information to the public through the same online portal.