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Government going paperless in a variety of ways

March 7, 2013

With more government agencies pushing paperless agendas such as the recent elimination of benefits checks that force recipients to switch to direct deposit or a express debit card, it is important for offices to consider every solution for eliminating paperwork. Getting rid of checks, invoices and other mailings is one method, but there are many more that can reduce spending and improve productivity for any government office on the federal, state, county or town level.

Investing in paperless meetings is one of those alternatives. Most government meetings require a significant amount of paperwork, sometimes upwards of 500 pages a week. Implementing a meeting management solution that allows for digital meeting packets and meeting minutes would allow a local council to deliver information via tablets, smartphones or laptops and easily post meeting agendas online for public record.

Ultimately, paperless initiatives are part of the larger push to Government 2.0 that many smaller offices are just beginning to embrace. By improving operations and workflow and reducing expenses, the Gov 2.0 trend is pushing town, county and state councils to operate more efficiently and, in the end, more cheaply.