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Open and transparent government requires more than open meetings

March 12, 2013

When state, county and local councils invest in transparency and open government initiatives, they often adopt open meeting solutions and stop there. However, according to The Auburn Citizen, there's more to open government than improving meeting management.

According to the news source, open government initiatives need to incorporate open records solutions or all of the effort will be wasted. Open meeting solutions are important for transparency, but without publicly available records, the adoption of meeting management solutions will be wasted on anyone that isn't able to look into the information until after the data has been archived. The news source noted that one government office sent out a full meeting packet with explanations of agenda items and informed the newspaper that this was an error because the paper should have only received a bare-bones agenda itinerary. However, the former packet is exactly what government offices should be submitting to the public for transparency.

Local councils can invest in higher-quality agenda management and meeting improvement solutions from IQM2 in order to enhance their efforts in transparency and make sure that open government efforts aren't a concern in the future.