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Officials striving to drive transparency and open government meetings

March 12, 2013

Elected officials in Texas recently introduced legislation that would allow state and local government bodies to hold open meetings online. According to Your Houston News, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Senator Kirk Watson put forth a new bill that allow officials to use public chatrooms online to outline new measures and get their constituents involved in the process.

"Though these laws continue to protect the transparency that is so vital to democracy, the public always benefits when modern technology is harnessed to make government more accessible," Abbott, a long-time supporter of open and transparent government laws in Texas, told the news source. "It will allow these public officials to be more productive, they won't have to wait for the next meeting to communicate with each other."

The new bill would make open meetings available to the public for 30 days after they are initially held and archive them for two years after that date.

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