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GSA pricing allows local governments to invest in new IT tools

March 13, 2013

The U.S. General Services Administration provides funding for city, town and county governments to improve their systems and operations and invest in high-quality tools like meeting management software. These pricing plans include ordering procedures and well as information on the conditions and uses of the programs, and there are a variety of goods and services that qualify.

One major improvement that local government offices can seek is improved management of meeting minutes, agendas and related data. IQM2's intelligent meeting management solutions offer top-quality software and infrastructure for going paperless, improving transparency and open government efforts and more through the efficient management of operational data. The GSA's Cooperative Purchasing program provides assistance in investing in these solutions so that offices can become more efficient, reduce expenses and pass those savings on to their constituents.

The GSA Cooperative Purchasing program focuses on two schedule contracts - Schedule 70 for IT services and Schedule 84 for law enforcement-related needs.

Schedule 70
The most widely used schedule, 70, focuses on information technology products and services such as cloud computing, data processing and infrastructure support systems. This is the schedule contract that local municipalities would want to look into in order to finance investments into IQM2's high-quality products and services. Schedule 70 was implemented in 2003 and focuses on state, local, regional and tribal governments, as well as associated agencies.

As the largest acquisition vehicle in the federal government, Schedule 70 gives local governments the purchasing power of the federal administration, helping to speed up improvements that will benefit communities and have wide-ranging affects on local, state and even the federal government. Governments can focus on going digital, implementing paperless meetings, improving computer systems and more, which can ultimately improve community engagement and reduce IT spending over time. Though these systems aren't always necessary, having the opportunity to invest in improvements can help local offices make more informed decisions about their needs and the needs of their constituents.

Utilizing the competitive GSA Schedule helps to drive purchasing efficiencies and reduce spending for state and local governments. A lesser-known benefit is that additional discounts can be given to state and local governments by the product or service provider as well.

IQM2, through their partner Carahsoft Technology, offers a wide range of solutions for government meeting needs through the GSA schedule. The IQM2 Legislative Management Suite integrates agenda management, video streaming, electronic voting and a number of other technologies that can improve overall operations and help towns, counties and states take their government meetings to the next level.