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Government meeting webcasting drives citizen approval and government efficiency

March 18, 2013

When implemented properly, public meeting webcasting has a variety of benefits for government offices. From enhancing citizen engagement to making overall operations more efficient, state, county and town governments can reduce spending and work on "going green" by investing in the technology needed to archive and distribute meeting recordings. Considering the option of meeting webcasting, combined with agenda management and automation, gives local governments the power to extend their reach and collect more feedback, without a significant increase of effort or resources on the office's part.

Investing in meeting management solutions with integrated webcasting gives government offices three primary advantages - increased "attendance," automated organization of records and the automation of meeting minutes processing.

While physical attendance of government meetings may go down following the implementation of a webcasting solution, many local councils find that overall participation increases, as many citizens begin to "attend" from home or elsewhere via personal computers and mobile devices. This allows more citizens to become aware of meeting topics and agendas and become informed of the policies and discussions that affect the municipalities in which they live.

"We regularly hear from our clients that physical attendance at meeting goes down but actual attendance dramatically increases," said Doug Eden, COO of IQM2, an innovator in Legislative Management solutions for governments. "Often governments share they had 30-40 people physically attending a meeting before deploying our MediaTraq government webcasting solution; now they have hundreds or thousands attending virtually. In addition to the wonderful Citizen approval returns and kudos they obtain, the governments also share with us that public information requests almost disappear which results in cost savings and better use of staff time"

In addition to allowing more people to "attend" meetings, webcasting and the recording of meetings help government offices organize and archive information faster and more efficiently. This enhances open and transparent government initiatives and allows for constituents who missed the meeting to gain access to the information easily.

Meeting minutes improvements
One of the most time- and resource-consuming aspects of running government meetings is agenda and meeting minute management. Webcasting eliminates the need for written minutes, as the video recording itself can be archived as the minutes. This will reduce stress and cost for offices, and speed up the process of making minutes available to the public and for following meetings.