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California's Sunshine ranking drops drastically

March 19, 2013

The Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan operation that ranks states on their transparency and open government efforts, recently released its latest report card, in which California - a state known for its open and transparent government - received the low rank of "D."

The ranking drop wasn't due to a lack of public information, according to The Bakersfield Californian, but rather due to the complexity of navigating the state's online portals to find that information. A crucial aspect of openness is ease of access, and in this area, the Californian government needs to increase its efforts, the foundation reported. While this isn't necessarily bad news, California and any other state, county or town government that wants to increase the availability of public records and information can implement certain efforts, such as investing in improved meeting management software.

IQM2's intelligent meeting management solutions allow government offices to streamline the flow of information from the meeting to publicly accessible servers through automated meeting minutes recording. With these tools, a local council can ensure that its records are made available and focus on making portals easy to find and navigate to maximize exposure.