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Pennsylvania looking to further improve transparency and open government

March 20, 2013

The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records is looking to improve the state's transparency and open government with a focus on the Right to Know Act. The PA Right to Know Act was established in 2009, according to NBC 10 Philadelphia, as a way to facilitate public requests for budget information, cell phone usage by public officials, official emails and other data. While not a state commonly known for its open and transparent government, Pennsylvania is always looking to improve the availability of government information to its citizens.

"Citizens should have access to government records and information about the activities of government, in real time, as quickly as possible, at little to no cost," state Senator Dominic Pileggi told the news source.

The Office of Open Records was established to help citizens appeal request denials. Other states have implemented similar solutions with success in the past.

For any state looking to adhere to open government needs, IQM2's meeting management software helps expedite the archiving of data, which in turn will improve the government office's ability to provide copies of the information to citizens when requested.