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Open government is nonpartisan

March 22, 2013

Open and transparent government efforts are something that every government official needs to consider, regardless of party lines. According to the Taunton Daily Gazette, however, some councils are pushing back legislation that could improve the overall availability of information and improve government operations.

The Massachusetts state government voted down two bills during Sunshine Week - a federally appointed week for the improvement of transparency and open government efforts - that would have performed exactly that function. One bill called for improvements that would provide legislative information in digital formats to council members at least six hours prior to voting. The other called for joint committee votes to be posted online, rather than solely at the committee offices at the Statehouse. Both of these bills pushed digital enhancements that would improve overall availability of information to citizens and legislators.

State, county and town governments can improve open government initiatives by investing in the technology required to provide that information readily and freely. IQM2's intelligent meeting management solutions allow government offices to implement high-end technology solutions and address citizens concerns easily, without significantly increasing spending.