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Texas officials look to establish online chat platform for open government issues

March 29, 2013

The Texan Senate Committee on Open Government recently approved a measure that would implement online platforms to enhance the availability of public information to citizens outside of publicly announced meetings. As part of transparent and open government initiatives, this movement would be a major step for Texas in coordination with the state's Open Meetings Act. The act, which was established in 1967, prohibits matters of government from being discussed outside of public meetings. In the technology age, migrating information online is a natural step towards adhering to this act.

Online forums would allow citizens to search through data and read messages created by state, county and local officials. These portals would keep data for up to six years, though e-voting would not be part of these solutions.

Any meeting management software and open and transparent government solution focused on making information more easily accessible by the public has to provide ways to improve the organization and archiving of that data as well. As part of government initiatives, IQM2's meeting management services can automate these processes and reduce the time and effort involved for a government office in cost-effective ways.