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More cities automating their governing processes

April 4, 2013

Paperless meeting solutions allow city government to reduce costs and enhance the ease of access to relevant information during meetings, but these aren't the only benefits. The city of Sulphur, California, recently launched its own investigation into the benefits of going paperless, seeking to reduce the amount of paper it used for meetings and implement green efforts.

According to the Sulphur Daily News, the city is considering investing in Dell Latitude tablets for its council members as a way to eliminate paper related costs, but found that it would save significantly on staff time as well. The city council secretary, Arlene Blanchard, told the news source that it can take her up to a full work day to print the 19 books council members need at each meeting, and each book can occasionally require a full ream of paper.

Going paperless is a noble effort for any government office looking to reduce costs and enhance operations. These efforts allow taxpayers' dollars to be more wisely spent over time and enhance the access of information for citizens. However, local councils also need to invest in the meeting management software necessary to organize and manage digital information and keep such a system running smoothly.