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Wyoming legislature pushes budget cuts even after Governor's veto

April 5, 2013

Following Governor Matt Mead's veto of a budget bill, the Wyoming state legislature is examining new efforts to push state agencies to reduce spending. According to The Ranger, the Legislature's Management Council is seeking to examine budget cut proposals of up to 6 percent from all of the state's agencies before the 2014 budget session.

Governor Mead vetoed previous efforts for budget reduction due to language that would require agencies to provide detailed plans for their cuts.

"Rather than increasing government efficiency, they make for considerable work and eat into time and resources which could be put to better use," Mead said, according to the news source.

State, county and town governments and their associated agencies can affect budgetary cuts in many ways. By investing in enhanced meeting management solutions and agenda management software, local governments will be able to streamline administrative tasks and reduce the time and money put into legislative management. Additionally, through efforts such as paperless meetings, councils can eliminate unnecessary spending in a variety of areas.

With the right tools on hand, any local government can save time and money and put it toward better use, including examining ways to reduce spending further.