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Don't let meeting minutes get stuck in limbo

April 9, 2013

The Town of Vulcan recently learned an important lesson about open and transparent government needs and meeting management. According to the Vulcan Advocate, meeting minutes from a February 11, 2013 council meeting were left "in limbo" due to a disagreement over a resolution that was discussed during the meeting. While the township was able to resolve the matter, it left the public out of the loop regarding the resolution and other matters discussed at the meeting.

Transparency and open government needs demand that local councils make information such as budget discussions available as quickly as possible following meetings. This can be accomplished by recording and archiving meeting minutes in an online portal or publicly-accessible database. However, when meetings are locked up due to disagreement, matters become clouded.

One way to avoid issues such as these is to invest in meeting management software like IQM2. With a high-quality solution for organizing and managing data, local governments can ease administrative stress and focus on resolving matters faster, helping expedite transparency and providing the public with all of the necessary information in a timely manner.