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VA looks to increase paperless efforts

April 10, 2013

The Veterans Affairs Department is looking to enhance its paperless solutions by quadrupling its funding for such efforts. According to NextGov, the VA is looking to take its benefit management system entirely paperless while implementing other cost saving options as well, from paperless meetings to cutting down its claims backlog.

The increase would raise the VA Department's discretionary budget to $63.5 billion, as its current funds are not enough to cover all of the work the VA does assisting veterans and managing their healthcare needs.

Investing in paperless solutions can help agencies save money over time, drastically reducing spending on office supplies and enhancing the productivity of employees through faster and more reliable access to information. It can also help cut down on the confusion that paper records can cause if they are misplaced or mislabeled. By investing in its own paperless solutions, the VA would be able to begin cutting down its nearly 900,000 backlogged claims.

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