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Sustainability key part of open government efforts

April 16, 2013

Transparency and open government initiatives are a key part of government operations. State, county and town councils are feeling more pressure to adhere to the standards set forth by the federal government. While investing in technology solutions like meeting management software helps achieve these goals, according to the Sunlight Foundation, offices need to consider an additional issue that could make those investments futile - sustainability.

A sudden jump in citizen engagement and records management looks good on paper, but a local government has to be able to sustain efforts over time as well. Simply investing in a solution that improves open and transparency government efforts immediately but drops off quickly will not solve the problem, and this could actually increase engagement issues due to wasted funds.

By adopting tools like IQM2's intelligent legislative management software, local councils can ensure their solutions to transparency meet regulatory standards, are as efficient as possible and are highly sustainable. This will prepare offices for the long haul in open government demands, and provide steady improvements over time for citizen engagement and cost savings.