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3 reasons going paperless can save your hide

April 16, 2013

Local government offices often struggle with public image, trust and budget problems. Addressing these issues can be time consuming, and often they are ignored in favor of more pressing concerns, such as community improvement efforts or school district funding. However, as technology improves and town, county and city councils look to enhance citizen engagement, the importance of enhancing operations and public opinion becomes more crucial. Luckily for local offices, these same technology improvements offer the answers needed to address the concerns.

One key way for government offices to enhance operations is to invest in paperless meetings. Record organization, archiving and public access is a recurring problem across the nation, and the importance of open and transparent government operations is growing. Going paperless allows councils to enhance the organization, storage and access to meeting minutes and agenda with ease through automation. This allows municipalities to digitize their operations and reduce the staffing required to do so at the same time, freeing up administrative employees to focus on other critical tasks. In reality, paperless options provide three clear advantages that local governments need in order to evolve with the times and avoid backlash from the public.

Ease of use
Paperless options make it easier to store, access and protect government meeting minutes. This improves compliance with recordkeeping laws, as well as the ease at which the public can access relevant information.

Cost reduction
Paperless options will save local governments money over time. From eliminating office supply costs to reducing overhead for storage, these solutions will help councils save money and keep better track of where it is being spent.

Enhance security
One of the most important factors in transparency and open government efforts is the secure access to public information. Just because open records laws require public access to meeting minutes doesn't mean that security considerations aren't a priority. The digitalization of records helps local governments track information and monitor its use, allowing them to see who is examining files, and better track how they are being used.

Ultimately there are a plethora of reasons to invest in paperless government solutions, but these three provide clear advantages across every aspect of operations that will help local councils enhance, secure and save from day to day. Investing in high-quality meeting management solutions will help offices improve, adhere to privacy and open government laws and keep their overhead to a minimum, freeing up funds and time for more important considerations.