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Advanced technology helps school administration achieve greater results

April 17, 2013

Investing in meeting management solutions and other technology has become a great way for school districts to advance administrative and transparency prowess. In the class room, advanced technology is helping teachers make new strides in education and engagement, but in the boardroom, technology is allowing administrators to accomplish new goals as well.

According to Government Technology, the Center for Digital Education is honoring various school districts across the nation for excellence in technology adoption. Districts were ranked by their ability to integrate technology into curriculum, for professional development and for the use of technology to promote transparency in school board meetings and policies.

Simply using improved tech in the classroom isn't enough - districts need to adopt it in ways that advance every aspect of operations and improve board meetings with agenda management software. Other tools allows school to focus on discussion critical issues, rather than worrying about recording meeting minutes and the organization of and public access to those records.

Long-term vision
School districts need to understand that advancing operations in the classroom and the boardroom require slightly different approaches. Technology has to be purchased, the support structure for that technology has to be put in place, and then those using it have to understand how it can best enhance operations. Most importantly, however, these tools also have to provide long-term improvements that are sustainable.

Without a sustainable long-term vision for technology investments, schools will simply be wasting funds and effort. Transparency isn't a one-time deal - districts have to focus on the constant evolution of public engagement and service in order to maximize the results of these tools. With high-end agenda management services, school boards can optimize these efforts and start making a difference in operations immediately, cutting spending and enhancing transparency and open government strategies.

IQM2's intelligent meeting management solutions help school boards enhance their operations and institute improvements in cost-effective ways that promote advancement, not flashy technology. This allows school districts to focus on actually improving their adherence to the freedom of information act and related efforts without getting distracted by confusing or complex technology and practices.

Ultimately, the focus on improving technology usage and the government 2.0 trend can help school boards do more for the community and children's education that many other endeavors.