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Schools struggle to reconcile digital needs with transparency

April 18, 2013

Open and transparent government efforts are often bolstered by technology, but some school districts feel overwhelmed when trying to maintain transparency while adopting digital solutions. The problem arises when school boards examine the costs and effort needed to convert archived records into digital formats.

According to Education Week, school districts are more concerned about violating transparency and open government laws as the volume of digital correspondence they participate in increases. With just as many conversations occurring online as they do face-to-face today, it is important for school districts and local government offices to invest in solutions that enhance compliance, such as meeting management solutions. School board meeting minutes no longer need to be written down or printed out, and neither does email or other digital correspondence.

By investing in meeting management services from IQM2?, any local council or school board can improve its adherence to transparency laws and ensure that it is able to embrace the digital age with zero risk. This will help boards better engage citizenry and adopt other time and cost saving solutions such as paperless meetings.