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Transparency questioned in Connecticut

April 26, 2013

State, county and town councils have a responsibility to promote transparency and open government efforts at all times. While many uphold these initiatives, some have been criticized in the past for sidestepping issues and looking for loopholes in the system. According to The Day, government officials in Hartford, Connecticut have recently come under fire for similar practices, including removing matters from a public forum that citizens are concerned over.

In order to facilitate public awareness and engagement, local governments should take the time to ensure they are holding meetings and voting in a publicly accessible space like an open forum, or with live results through an electronic voting system. Investing in meeting management solutions can help achieve these goals.

Public offices have to consider the transparency needs of their constituents and ensure they are addressing matters openly in order to maintain a positive reputation. Without this focus, citizens will become dissatisfied with the quality of service a representative is putting forth and potentially have their career affected as a result.

Ultimately, investing in the right solution for open and transparent government operations can help local councils eliminate negativity and provide the public with the information they want in an optimized manner.