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Firmly embracing technology brought federal government out of the 'Middle Ages'

April 26, 2013

When Vivek Kundra became the first federal CIO in 2009, he said he felt like he was taking over the Middle Ages of technology, but he quickly turned the White House administration around. Kundra had to combat behind-schedule projects and outdated tools, and also overcome some resistance in Congress, but he was able to get the federal government back on track in just two years, and local councils can learn from his example.

According to PC Magazine, Kundra said that his greatest asset going into the federal CIO position was his "naiveté about the government process." He made decisions that could have been called rash and pushed solutions that may not have occurred otherwise, but the end result was significantly increased transparency and open government operations.

Any state, county or town office can take a page from Kundra?'s book by investing in high-quality meeting agenda management solutions from IQM2. These tools will help councils adopt paperless meetings, enhance transparency and eliminate wasteful spending on outdated technology. Ultimately, this shift will promote less spending and more success for any municipality.