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A lack of transparency is noticeable

April 26, 2013

With the abundant technological advances in today's society, it is harder for government offices to hide information. When a lack of transparency and open government occurs, the public tends to find out quickly, and officials are ridiculed. While no state, county or town council should be hiding information, it is important that accidental breaches of open government policy don't occur either.

According to NextGov, Google recently revealed record-breaking numbers of "take down requests" from government offices. While these requests don't all originate in the U.S., they do indicate a growing trend of tech and internet savviness? in government operations. However, offices need to ensure that they are only acting in the best interest of the people, as whenever an instance where government meeting minutes aren't made publicly available or information is taken off of the internet, the public notices. No matter how savvy government officials become with technology, the general public will always be one step ahead, and it is critical to remember that in order to ensure positive reputation and opinions.

Investing in high-quality legislative management solutions that automate transparency needs can help local councils eliminate these risks and meet the expectations of citizens for fair and open government dealings.