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Iowa focusing on open and transparent government efforts

April 30, 2013

Iowa received an "F" on an examination of transparency and open government efforts last year, and the state is looking to turn that failing grade around in 2013. According to The Gazette, the state implemented a board to examine open government needs, enforce laws and freedom of information requests and ensure that Iowa's transparency laws are being followed. While the commission's budget has been questioned, its goals are simple - the enhancement of the state's adherence to public engagement and transparency. 

Every state has to ensure it's following open government policies, but this is more important for  regions that have been criticized for it in the past. This means investing in high-quality solutions to enhance data and meeting management. These tools can provide clear improvements to the organization and flow of information while reducing the cost of getting that information into publicly accessibly space.

The right solution of citizen engagement and meeting planning services will allow local governments to reduce their spending, enhance operations and show that they care about transparency and public engagement.