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New Hampshire open government legislation not as transparent as it could be

May 6, 2013

New Hampshire is a state that is renowned for its free atmosphere and excellent public relations, but its transparency and open government legislation can be a headache to some people.

For example, the Nashua Telegraph reported that the trial and court proceedings of murderer Steven Spader were made public, but the transcripts of an interview that was conducted in jail are off-limits to the general public. This is because the accused's lawyers petitioned a judge for privacy. However, New Hampshire law states that all court hearing must be made public unless there is a compelling reason, according to the source.

While is it uncertain whether or not the interview will eventually be made public, state, county and town officials can ensure their minutes are available with meeting management software. With this technology, every resident will have access to a wealth of information, including anything from court proceedings to private interviews and town hall meeting minutes. Loopholes in criminal law in New Hampshire might result in the privatization of some criminal data, but this should never be the case with non-controversial town sessions.

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