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Data critical part of government operations

May 7, 2013

Big data is a common trend in the business world, but it is beginning to affect government offices just as much. The increasing impact of big data and the need for intelligent solutions to handle it will be discussed at the FOSE 2013 conference in Washington, D.C. May 14-16.

"Big data has been around for years, but the concept of utilizing this data to reach business objectives is always evolving in the industry," said Mike Eason, Vice President of Public Sector Events for 1105 Media. "Businesses and agencies are finding ways to analyze this data to discover useful patterns and insights to solve challenges from fiscal management to cybersecurity."

In order to maximize the efficiency of data usage and ensure compliance with open and transparent government guidelines, agencies need to invest in the legislative management solutions from IQM2 that streamline recording, organization and public access to essential information. From meeting management to overall workflow improvements, these solutions enhance efficiency and allow government offices to focus on more critical aspects of operations such as community engagement, rather than on administrative tasks