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When considering transparency don't forget social media

May 7, 2013

As the demands for transparency and open government increase, offices need to be more mindful of their communications, both on and off the record. When messages enter public space, they become representative of the individual that posted them - even online. Social media has a growing presence in government operations, and officials need to make sure they are adhering to open government regulations, even when making a minor status update on Twitter.

While some local government offices may avoid social media altogether in order to avoid transparency issues, public demand for information and engagement across these channels makes this an impossibility. The solution is to invest in high-quality solutions that integrate recording and storage of communications in ways that adhere to compliance regulations without interfering with daily operations. Local government offices can adopt social media channels for engaging citizens and promoting information to the public and still keep track of all of the information coming in and going out with ease.

With IQM2's intelligent legislative management solutions, councils can integrate quality transparency solutions with normal workflow and ensure that compliance needs are met with ease, every time a tweet or status update goes out.