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Sunlight Foundation weighs in on open data order

May 14, 2013

The recent presidential order regarding open formats for government data could have an important impact on federal, state and local government operations. Many are discussing its merits and the logistics of such a change, but according to the Sunlight Foundation, many are missing the most important feature of the executive order - public listings for ease of access to the data.

According to the open and transparent government advocacy group, this push to make data more widely available to constituents will help put the United States on the leading edge of digital government efforts. However, this will only occur if local offices invest in the right tools to accomplish open access to data.

Indexing data is a critical part of open government efforts that many lose track of. These efforts are what enhance transparency solutions into successful endeavors for public engagement, and as a result offer real value to municipalities and the citizens. By investing in high-quality legislative management solutions from IQM2, local offices will be able to enhance the organization and management of their data and expedite indexing solutions in an affordable and efficient manner. This will ultimately improve overall operations and adherence to federal open government mandates.