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Agenda management key to engaging the modern citizen

May 17, 2013

As technology improves, so do the expectations of the public, and government offices are no exception to the need to keep up with the times. Many local governments are wondering how to improve community engagement, and the answer is to embrace the latest technologies and tools.

One such tool is agenda management software. Modern citizens want to be part of their governments' operations, be it participating in meetings or simply being aware of what is going on. By investing in agenda management tools, local governments can streamline council meetings and ensure that the regular agenda, any changes to it and the meeting minutes are made available to citizens.

To round out these solutions, state, city and town councils also need to invest in open and transparent government portals to host this information and provide the public easy access to them. With the right tools in place, this will significantly boost public engagement and help government offices reach their constituents more effectively before and after decisions are made. IQM2 offers high-quality meeting management services for local councils of every size to accomplish these tasks.