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The trick to going paperless

May 17, 2013

Investing in paperless meetings and other solutions can be a major cost saver for government offices. Local councils and state governments can minimize their administrative expenses by migrating files, records and meeting agenda management to paperless solutions and start seeing various changes to operations, such as increased productivity and a significant reduction in unnecessary spending. However, in order to be successful with paperless solutions, government offices need do more than invest in a few tablets.

While tablets and computers are an essential part of the paperless process, government offices also have to invest in high-quality meeting management software and related additions to their IT repertoire in order to successfully migrate away from paper solutions. Many government offices use thousands of reams of paper a year, not to mention the ink, printer maintenance and other office supply costs. A one-time investment into IQM2's meeting management solutions will eliminate those costs for good and help agencies start putting funds to better use.

With the right tools and the will to cut paper out for good, any government office can start improving its operations and saving money today.